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Tree Fungus Treatment

We provide a FREE tree inspection if you are worried about Fungi

Tree Fungus Treatment Kent

Worried about tree fungi? Maidstone Tree Services can help

If you have a fungi growing from the base of your tree or in the tree and you are worried about it do not hesitate to call us for a free tree inspection as some of these fungi can rot the tree from the inside out and cause them to fall or drop branches without warning. They can also cause unfortunate damage to other trees and plants in your garden. If you are at all unsure, please seek professional advice straight away.

Examples of common fungi in the UK (click pictures below) Honey fungus, or Armillaria, is a genus of parasitic fungi that live on trees and woody shrubs. As a forest pathogen, Armillaria can be very destructive. It is responsible for the “white rot” root disease of forests. Its high destructiveness comes from the fact that, unlike most parasites, it doesn’t need to moderate its growth in order to avoid killing its host, since it will continue to thrive on the dead material.

Bracket fungi, or shelf fungi, are among the many groups of fungi. Characteristically, they produce shelf- or bracket-shaped or occasionally circular fruiting bodies called conks that lie in a close planar grouping of separate or interconnected horizontal rows. Brackets can range from only a single row of a few caps, to dozens of rows of caps that can weigh several hundred pounds. They are mainly found on trees (living and dead) and coarse woody debris, and may resemble mushrooms.

Some form annual fruiting bodies while others are perennial and grow larger year after year. Bracket fungi are typically tough and sturdy and produce their spores, called basidiospores, within the pores that typically make up the under-surface.

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Tree removal/felling is the process of removing an entire tree or group of trees. We can remove trees, no matter how big or small.

Tree Maintenance

We offer a wide range of professional tree services from hedge cutting, tree bracing, to crown lifting and hedge cutting.


Remove unsightly tree stumps professionally with our stump grinding service. We remove tree stump across Kent and Medway.

Tree Inspection

Worried about tree fungi? Do you have fungi growing at the base of your tree? Call our team today for a free tree inspection.

Tree Planting

We care about the environment and try to encourage planting and re-planting. We can recommend, supply and plant trees.


We can help maintain your trees at a predetermined height – with regular pollarding trees tend to grow slower and live longer.

Emergency Tree Service

If you have a tree emergency – fallen, dangerous or damaged trees we are on call 24/7 throughout Kent and Medway.

Firewood Delivery Kent

We supply logs and firewood for your fireplace, stove or log burner. Delivered to your door throughout Kent and Medway.

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